How I beat LVNV funding!

In the whole scheme of starting to put my financial house in order, I checked all three of my major credit reports and my score on CreditKarma. On all of my reports and the CreditKarma website, I noticed a mysterious listing…and it made absolutely ZERO sense in the way it was being reported. The account was WAY out of the statute of limitations and had LOOOOOONG since been charged off, so I knew it was absolutely bogus.

For some reason, LVNV was listing an account that had a balance of over $800 that would mysteriously drop down to $650, then jump up to $705. Obviously, this listing was incorrect as I had not paid anybody at LVNV anything that would cause those leaps in the balance.

After I noticed the listing, I googled LVNV. Mostly I found negative comments about the company and how they were difficult to deal with when it came to validating debt. Whatever. I decided to face them head on and send a certified validation letter with a 30-day response window.

Those thirty days came to pass with no reply from the company after the certified letter was received. I filed a complaint with the South Carolina Attorney General, as well as three disputes with all the credit reporting agencies. I mailed out the original validation letter with a copy of the certified receipt and a screen shot of the listing on each credit report.

Now, here, two weeks later, I’ve received a confirmation from Equifax saying that the listing will be deleted. So hang in there, because these scumbags will try multiple things to stay on your CR than work out a settlement. Debt validation is your friend, if they can’t back up the listing, they’ll have to remove it.

I would be happy to share the letters I used to get the listing deleted, just leave me a comment and I can share.

11 thoughts on “How I beat LVNV funding!

  1. Hi my name is Tee and i was wondering how can i stop llc lvnc funding from harassing me on the phone and thru the mail with letters.ive checked my credit report and they are now on my credit report.i dnt kno how and why would they be on my report when that company is a junk debit collector..

    1. Hi there! You must send them debt validation letters. You can do a Google search for templates, if they can’t/do not validate, you can file a dispute with the three credit bureaus who will investigate further.

  2. Google State Of Maryland case DFR-FY2012-012 against junk debt buyer / debt collector LVNV Funding LLC, Resurgent Capital, and other companies owned by the Sherman Financial Group. The State of Maryland took the Sherman Financial Group companies to court because they had sued for debts they could not prove legal title too. They had used deficient affidavits (they basically manufactured title). LVNV Funding LLC ended up settling to avoid litigation. The Sherman Financial Group companies did not admit any wrong doing, but agreed to reimburse the people they sued in Maryland. The founder and owner of these companies is a guy Benjamin Navarro. Ben has a wife named Kelly and two sons named Earl and Owen. Ben keeps a low profile and keeps his connection to LVNV Funding LLC and Resurgent Capital Services well hidden. Ben’s public persona is that of a philanthropist and a major funder of the Meeting Street Academy in Charleston SC. Ben’s lifestyle and philanthropy is in fact funded by the harassment and suffering of others. Ben and his wife Kelly own a number of properties in different areas of the country but for the most part are based out of Charleston SC. A few of the properties they own /owned are located at 801 Star Of The West Street Sullivans Island SC 29482, 93 Broad Street Charleston SC 29401 , 10 Atlantic Street Charleston SC 29401 and 102B Sequassen Avenue Old Saybrook, CT 06475. If you are curious you can look up some of these properties web sites like or to see photos , property value, taxes paid, etc.

  3. Hello I got my certified letter back and have yet to recieved any validation back from them. Can you please help me with the next step. I have to get these people off my back and they keep adding money to my account as if I owe them anything. Please help thank you.

  4. Im going after Credit One Bank which is part of Sherman Financial/ and there many outher names. I had the OCC and Credit one give me letters saying my acct was closed then just a few weeks after that Credit one bank sold closed acct to a junk collection which I found out is owned by Sherman Financial/Credit one this was in 2009 here its 2015 and they have sent it to 13 collections all owned by Sherman even though I have a letter saying acct closed. So im using my 20 yrs in security and investagations to help my lawyer out with my case.Thanks for the infor on your case.I kept all my records incl all the collections and the letters Ive sent to them.

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