How’s YOUR September Going?

I saw a post come up from The Fitnessista and I was inspired to share my September progress with the world! The bold numbered points are hers, the results are mine!

1) Streamline. — Oh, I have been a streamlining machine. I removed SEVENTY (yes, seventy) hangers of clothing from my closet. What does that say about streamlining? We’re seven days into the month and I have eliminated OODLES of clothing that no longer fits, is out of season, or just needing replaced. I’ve had A LOT of clothes for a very long time, almost so long that I haven’t had to buy any in over a few years. I’m serious. I was the same size for over 10 years and now that I’ve lost most of the weight, I’m going to have to find some extra cash money to budget for some new(er) fall clothes. I also cleaned the refrigerator this week, that counts! I also sold a good chunk of my old clothes to thredUP — definitely worth a look! Join through my link and we both get some site credit!

2) Sign up for a new class or fall fitness event. — Working on this now! I’ve got a few possibilities in the pipeline. I’m thinking yoga or a barre class!

3) Determine your personal abundance block, and brainstorm strategies to turn over a new leaf this fall. — I’m well aware that I’m my own biggest road block. That’s why I decided that now, this month, was the best time to launch this blog and another business venture. I’m hoping that these things help spring me forward into some more personal progress.

4) Enjoy an outdoor dinner party, long walk or picnic. — That actually sounds wonderful. I’m hoping I can do that soon!

5) Join a cheering squad. — I couldn’t agree more. I often struggle seeing people succeed when I cannot. I’m hoping to keep this idea in mind more often. I want to make joy my first response when I’m hearing others’ good news and seeing their progress.

6) Hit up the farmers market and make a new recipe with your findings. — My CSA share keeps me covered here ALL summer & into the fall!

7) Make this cornbread. — Now that I’ve seen this recipe, I most certainly will! I love anything and everything pumpkin!

8) Follow the squat challenge and fitness calendar! — DONE! I always need fitness inspiration! I’m a cardio queen, but I know I need some variance for my body!

9) Plan a date night. — My sister and I JUST did this! We made plans for a big and fancy evening coming up in a couple months! We’re going to have a BLAST!

10) New candle. — I’m stocked here also! I just bought a BIG bunch of candles from a local candlemaker (yes, those do exist!) and I’m hoping they’ll last me a while!


Tell me in the comments: How’s September starting for you? What are your goals – work, finances, life?




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