FINANCIAL BOOK REVIEW – “IMPACT: Get Rich! Be More Awesome! Change the World!”

I like to read books and I don’t get to read a book often enough, so I figured I could do something two-fold: read a finance related book and talk about it here on my blog and hopefully amp up someone else’s interest in reading it! This week, let’s chat about IMPACT: Get Rich! Be More Awesome! Change the World! by Casey Lewis! I came across Casey’s 30 Days to Better Money email series quite a while ago and I enjoyed his ‘real’ approach to finance. I also am a member of The Debt Movement group on Facebook and came across his name again there because he’s an admin and frequent contributor to the group. Let’s get to the details!

  • I appreciate that this book is short, to the point, and completely NON-JUDGMENTAL. I feel that A LOT of financial books make you feel guilty or shameful, but not this one.  Lewis reveals his financial “turning point” and uses his own personal experiences to supplement his advice. Also, this book is easy to complete in one or to short sittings, even though I’m sure this isn’t entirely the writer’s intent. This book makes it easy to create your own game plan to “make an impact” with your own money. I also appreciate that the book feels geared toward a younger crowd that’s just getting started with managing their own finances, that’s not to say that the advice within it’s pages couldn’t also be useful for an older crowd.
  • Be advised that this book does use biblical and religious references in regards to your debt and finances, if that bothers you (or should you want to keep them apart), this isn’t for you. I also feel that in a few specific sections in the book he goes into a bit too much detail (ex. the section about buying a house) which could be spun-off in to a whole other e-book.

For the 99 cents it will cost you, you’ll come out with more than your money’s worth! 🙂

(NOTE: I received this book free from The Debt Movement group on Facebook. I was not compensated for this review, however, the post does contain affiliate links!) 

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