September 2014 Wrap-Up! (with budget pictures!)

[Yes, I know it’s October 7th. The month of September ended/top of October began with a death in the family, me participating in two live performance gigs, a dear friend permanently departing at the last second to an opposite coast, and finally, a wedding. Give me a little slack. It got a little crazy and FAST.]

Now that we’re here in October, let’s talk about how September went. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t pretty. That said, now that I have the numbers on the screen in front of me, I have an amazing picture of where things went wrong and how I can hopefully adjust them to do better in the coming months.

Without further ado, here are the screenshots of my budget (click on them to see full size images!):


Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 2.58.26 PM

Thanks to this excellent spreadsheet (created by PearBudget), I now have a much clearer picture of my money and where it went in September. Like I mentioned above, it’s not pretty.  In the second image you can see that I’m over $375.17. Yup. That’s a lot. Some individual things like rent, insurance, etc. aren’t listed here – but are all conglomerated under “regular expenses” in the second picture. I’ve already wrote about my regular set expenses for each month here.

In housecare, I way under budgeted. That includes my electric, Netflix/Hulu, and internet bills. I also have ZERO ideas as to why I only budgeted $50 there. That’s going to be different this month.

In groceries, I’ll call this a win. Under by $6.41. I’ll take that.

Ok, so dining out, this is ugly. That’s an entry for EVERY day of the month in this category. That’s A LOT of takeout coffee and breakfasts on the go. In a positive light, I can definitely say that less than five of those entires were for fast food.

I’m also under in the car gas category. This doesn’t surprise me at all.

Haircuts is a stupid thing for me to have in my budget, I get my hair cut maybe 3x per year. This also doesn’t surprise me.

I also should have budgeted higher for miscellaneous. $50 was a real low ball level.



  1. Up the budgeted amounts for housecare & miscellaneous columns.
  2. Stay under the $100 dining out budget. (Doubtful, but I’ll put it in the universe.)
  3. Get at least ONE of my monthly bills lowered by calling and asking for a better deal.
  4. Make at least $100 in side hustle cash.

Also, on a positive note in September, I paid my last bill for my storage unit. I emptied that sucker and made massive tax-deductible donations all over the city. DONE WITH THAT (hopefully) FOREVER! That means I freed up a whole $29!

Tell me how your September went! What goals did you set and meet or totally miss?

5 thoughts on “September 2014 Wrap-Up! (with budget pictures!)

  1. I totally missed my September budget goals too–and when I overspend my budget, it means less savings 😦 I struggle with eating out too, and have challenged myself to go as many days as possible this month without doing that.

    I love that the spreadsheet you use to track your budgeting shows you purchases by day too–I track my spending using The Birdy and I’m pretty sure I can look at the number of days each month I make certain kinds of purchases, but I never thought to analyze my spending that way–now I will!

    1. I can’t get enough of PearBudget – I even saved it in my Google Docs so that I can edit it anywhere. It’s all about how easy it is to use and access for me! 🙂 In order to avoid the “less savings” trap when I go over budget, I automatically have my savings deducted from my paycheck. The same day my paycheck is deposited is the same day that my savings is automatically transferred. I don’t worry about it and it’s as if the money was never there. Best choice I made! 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

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