A CARD FREE Homecoming Weekend Trip!

This past weekend I was SO SUPER excited to head back to my alma mater for Homecoming and to support their upcoming building endeavors at a fundraiser! I hadn’t been back in over three years, so it meant a lot for me to go back and see what was transpiring on campus!


However, being as budget conscious as I try to be, this trip was going to put a damper on my October budget if I wasn’t thinking ahead. Luckily, the fundraiser tickets were already purchased back in September and they were only $26 – so that primary purchase was planned in advance. Luckily, my part-time job is in a bar, so I was able to finagle an extra shift to get the extra funds for the trip! Talk about awesome! Since I was able to get my hands on that extra shift, absolutely NO CARDS WERE HARMED USED on this journey – all fun paid for in cash!

Let’s break it down, shall we?


  • $0 – A major plus to this day journey was having a friend who works for a rental car company get us a free rental WITH GAS!


  • $14 for one show ticket that we purchased onsite!
  • (+$26 from the ticket bought in September)


  • $3.06 for morning coffee – necessary for this road trip!
  • $0 for Lunch – pays to be an alum!
  • $25 for dinner!


  • $34.84 for a new coat – I needed a new one anyways since I’ve recently donated all of mine. Why not get one with the school logo on it?
  • $14.92 for candy – they don’t have this store where I live! A splurge!

GRAND TOTAL: $91.82 (not counting the ticket bought in September) — all paid in cash!

Paying in cash is most certainly freeing sometimes. You either have the cash — or you don’t! I’m glad that I was able to pay for this entire “vacation day” upfront without worrying about swiping a card; I really do forget about how easy it is to just swipe the card and move on. I’m good at tracking my daily expenses in my phone as I go along – card or cash – but I do understand there can be pros/cons to both ways of thinking. I think I’ll start making this a goal for myself: anytime I want to take a day trip (or other special excursion) all expenses must be paid in cash – it might help me be more accountable!

Regardless, it was an awesome day that probably won’t be topped anytime soon! I also can’t wait to see where my alma mater goes in the coming years – huge changes in the forecast!

Do you prefer to always pay in cash? Why or why not?



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