FIVE THINGS FRIDAY – November 14th, 2014

Happy Friday! I can’t believe we’re ending another work week in November! The holidays will be here before we know it! Enjoy some highlights of my week!

Five Things I Ate:

  1. Let’s talk about this recipe for Spicy Roasted Squash with Feta and Herbs. I died and went to heaven because this was so good. Plus, I’m on squash overload. I’ve got to eat all of them up!
  2. Special K Protein Smoothies because I’m hustling everywhere!
  3. Chef Salads with ham, turkey, bacon, and eggs! My restaurant kryptonite!
  4. Guacamole from a REAL Mexican restaurant. You know there’s just something about it that makes it EVEN MORE awesome when it comes from a Mexican restaurant!
  5. Popcorn popped on the stove! The popcorn tastes so good when it doesn’t come from a microwave bag!

Five Workouts:

  1. Sunday – A long walk!
  2. Monday – Another long walk!
  3. Tuesday – Off!
  4. Wednesday – Elliptical & Walking
  5. Thursday –  Turbo Jam!

Five Reads:

  1. Angry Issues: Are You A Real Woman? — This touches me. As someone who has recently dropped A LOT of weight. I identify with a lot of these statements. Example: “Remember this – your success is YOUR decision.”
  2. Dealing With Fitness Injuries On A Budget – My Alternate Life — Yes, I get this totally. I have excellent heath insurance and got to deal with some uncovered physical therapy costs for a back injury! Annoying.
  3. After Losing 160 Pounds, Man Strips Down To Show Excess Skin, His Biggest Insecurity — Again, this touches me this week. Like I’ve said before, I’ve lost a lot of weight and I’m still going and this is a real struggle. I’m never going to look quite like all of those hard bodies after I reach my weight goals. Not going to happen, but what keeps me going is knowing that all the healthy eating and extra exercise is what’s best for my body.
  4. 10 Things Food Banks Need But Won’t Ask For — Something to consider as we enter the giving season! Some of these I wouldn’t have thought of!
  5. 5 Things I Hate Spending Money On – The Daily Whisk — Add toilet paper to this list and I agree with everything she says! 🙂

Five Things Making Me Happy:

  1. I got a new book to read that I’m really excited to dig into this weekend: Soldier of Change by Stephen Snyder-Hill. I’d heard about this book on Seth Rudetsky’s show on Sirius XM Broadway and was intrigued by the story. Maybe I’ll post something else about it! 🙂
  2. Getting around to seeing Interstellar tonight!
  3. Breakfast plans tomorrow! 🙂
  4. Performing lots this holiday season and being absolutely silly!
  5. Getting to have an actual weekend day off! This is such a rare treat for me!

Tell me some things that are rockin’ your world this week!

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