WEEKLY READS WEDNESDAY – November 26th, 2014

Hi all! Wishing all of you love and happy times this Thanksgiving! Now here are some things to entertain you if you get bored and don’t want to watch football or anything! 😉


Visual Goal Tracking – Paying Off My Mortgage With Mason Jars and Pennies — Interesting visual idea!

Inside the Artist’s Wallet – A start to a video series created by some fellow theatre people!

How Much to Contribute to 401k

Can Money Buy Happiness? Here is what science has to say…

Holly Jolly Anti Consumer Christmas – Neat idea! I wish I could convince my family to do something similar!

How much to have saved by 30 — 30 is slowly creeping up on me…


Guest Post: Aging Gratefully

Why aren’t you writing down your wishes hopes and dreams

The Conjuring 2! — Mostly because I’m so interested in the work that the Warrens do and I loved the first Conjuring film!

Again, Happy Turkey Day to you all! Count your blessings! 🙂

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