FIVE THINGS FRIDAY – December 5th, 2014

Hopefully everyone is doing well this First Friday in December! Anything exciting coming up for you? I’m in between performances today at this moment! Here are some things making me extra cheery this week!


Five Things I Ate:

  1. Makeshift Breakfast Burritos– Seriously, I was cleaning out my refrigerator for breakfast over the weekend and I seem to have created something I really liked! Scrambled eggs with salsa, different cheeses, sour cream, sometimes hot sauces, all on a crispy and warm wheat tortilla. Such an easy breakfast/lunch/dinner.
  2. This AWESOME Dark Chocolate Peppermint Protein Shake! I had some Carob Powder (I won some in a contest) and used it in this instead of cocoa powder – totally awesome and wintery all at the same time!
  3. LEFTOVERS! From Thanksgiving…still! I’ve been making all kinds of things with my leftover turkey & ham. I even had enough pie leftover to freeze for later!
  4. Kashi Crunchy Granola & Seed Bars – Chocolate Chip Chia – These are good. All. The. Time.
  5. Buffalo Chicken Tenders & French Fries – Not at the same time, but I had a craving. Normally, I’ll avoid the fried goodness, but I caved and it was soooooo worth it.


Five Reads:

  1. How Water Affects Your Mood — Yes, this. Particularly in these drier months, I always find myself craving more liquids and I can notice my mood change if I’m thirsty or feeling dehydrated. The human body is crazy!
  2. The Incredible Shrinking Incomes of Young Americans — Ugh. This hurts.
  3. 3 End of The Year Retirement Savings Check Up Questions — I’m due for a raise here soon! I’ll definitely be upping my retirement contribution!
  4. For every $18.12 you save, you buy back an entire day of your life (+ calculator) — Now this is a concept! I loved the calculator!
  5. I Tracked How Much I Spent On Coffee Over Two Years. Ouch, Just Ouch. — I concur.


Five Things Making Me Happy:

  1. Christmas movies! I went to the library and checked out some of my old school favorites from growing up. Some of those old favorites include: Christmas Comes to Willow Creek, Avonlea Christmas, and A Very Brady Christmas. I just can’t get enough!
  2. Peter Pan LIVE! – I haven’t even watched it yet since I was out with other evening plans. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I don’t care. Live musicals on TV are ALWAYS ok in my book!
  3. Getting in the holiday spirit at work. Trust me, where I  work, it can either be really easy or realllllllly difficult to get into the holiday spirit because of the environment. At this point, it’s been pretty easy, so I’m thrilled.
  4. ALMOST DONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! I can see the finish line!
  5. Bollywood Dance workouts! Need I say more? And new acting/voice workshops in my community!

Thanks to Clare at Fitting It All In for hosting this linkup!

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