Vehicle Buyback?! I call BS! Not going there!

I swear, at least two or three times a month, I’m getting letters and other mailers from every dealership related to my car within 30 miles. They want to buy back my car and set me up in “something newer” for “less money.” Yeah, right. I don’t believe it and I’m not going to fall for it.

I’m over it. Stop harassing my poor mailbox. Now, I drive a 2010 model year vehicle. It’s a good car with low miles and I intend to drive it until it’s officially DEAD. I know the market is good for used vehicles, but I’m not about to hand mine over. Sorry to all the car dealers who want mine! I’m in the middle of my loan term at this point and it would be pointless to go back 3 years.

I did a little bit of research to see what information I could find on some of these buyback offers and I found exactly what I was looking for.

  • “Advertising gimmick to get people in the door.”
  • “Classic bait and switch.”
  • “Offers money on top of original offer to buy back vehicle.”
  • “Either way, you’ll be out some money.”
  • “Run a credit check for lower rates on a new vehicle.”

What’s even more curious about all of this, is that I bought my car from another dealership that was not even associated with the brand as it was a used car that had been traded in. Now EVERY related dealer in the area sends me their stupid mailers. WASTE OF TIME.

On the flip side, anyone know of any fortunate person who has come out on the good side of one of these “buy back” deals? I’m sure there has to be one story amongst all the bad ones. Tell me!

And I’m stepping off my soapbox! Have a good night!

*Part of Financially Savvy Saturdays on brokeGIRLrich*

One thought on “Vehicle Buyback?! I call BS! Not going there!

  1. I got my car brand new in 2007 (it was a 2008). It just rolled over 100,000 and I’m seriously hoping to get another 7 years out of it before she quits on me. I love not owing any money on her. I’m going to drive her into the ground.

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