FIVE THINGS FRIDAY – January 9th, 2015!

Holy moly! I can’t believe that we’re already this far into January. There’s just no way. Luckily, I’m very busy with work and performance projects, but that means I’m away from computer and creative blog writing endeavors. Still working on it!




  • Monday: OFF
  • Tuesday: OFF
  • Wednesday: Bollywood Dance (I’ve had a lot of fun with this video during these cold days!)
  • Thursday: Elliptical/Walking Cardio
  • Friday: I haven’t decided yet, but I’m doing something! 🙂


  • The movie, SELMA, opens this weekend. I don’t typically go to a lot of movies, but I may take myself out on a date to see this one! I’m a history buff, especially when it comes to anything related to our nation’s civil rights movement!
  • Getting back to a normal schedule after 8 weeks of having to work 7 days a week! Now, I’m down to 5 1/2! That’s a good thing!
  • Getting all the Christmas decorations packed up and put away…finally! It’s strange how these little things really help your mood!
  • Kicking some major as* at a recent vocal audition. I was so proud of myself. Hoping to hear positive results soon!
  • Starting a new Pinterest board for my trip in April. I’m pinning everything I can so that I can hopefully see all the things I want to see!

Happy Friday! Hope you’re fantastic today (+ warm)!

**Thanks to Clare at Fitting It All In for hosting this link up!**


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