Announcement Time!

Yes, I have an announcement to make. Actually, I have TWO! Trust me, they’re good!

NUMBER ONE (+ most importantly):


This had been a goal for a couple of months and I was just sitting on it. Now, it is G-O-N-E. Also, it’s a store that I don’t regularly visit, so I don’t anticipate using it ever again. That card is going in the freezer with my two credit cards.

NUMBER TWO (+ less important):

…This Broke Twenty-Something is now making waves over on Twitter! Follow me @OneMoreBroke!

Again, something that I had wanted to do forever, but I was neglecting it. You may also notice my tweets over on the right side bar! Make sure you follow and share with your followers! 🙂 Please and thanks!



11 thoughts on “Announcement Time!

  1. Hi! I found you on twitter and started following you. Been reading your blog posts and watching your journey. It’s comforting to see that there are loads of people going through the same thing and it’s nice that you’re so open about it and how you are dealing with debts.

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