2015 Money Goal Plan of Action #3

This week was a doozy! Therefore, I must apologize for my web absence! Don’t worry, I’m back with another installment about my money goals for the year! Read on for how I’m going to tackle some of my goals for 2015!


Three of my major goals this year were to pay off all of my cards. These were goal number 2, 3, and 4 on my original list:

  • Pay off store credit card. – This is almost a necessity at this point. I’m already so close!
    • I DID THIS ONE! See more details here & here!
  • Pay off CC #1. – Self-explanatory. The balance is small enough that I think it can happen.
  • Pay off CC #2. – See above!

Again, I think the approach to this will be fairly straightforward. Most of my goals have been pretty easy to lay out up to this point. Let’s see how/if this will work out for me.

  • Stop using the credit cards COMPLETELY: I’ve been consistently doing this for quite a while now. I still have both accounts open, but the cards are in my freezer. I literally would have to defrost them to use one. I made the choice several months ago to delete the numbers from my shopping accounts – Amazon, PayPal, etc. – just to be sure I would not be tempted. I haven’t missed them yet. 🙂
  • Pay double the minimum for both cards EVERY month: I started this with my payments for January and February 2015. This is where I feel like I will struggle the most. I’m DEFINITELY down for making the minimums, but I feel like I’ll want to take that extra $40-50 each month and use it for other things. This will be an exercise of willpower for me and you’ll probably see me complain about it on more than one occasion in the future.
  • Once my ‘slush fund’ savings goal is reached, divert extra blog income toward the remaining balances: If you read the post about my first plan of action, you will see that I planned to save all of my blog income to reach my $500 savings goal. That said, I feel that having that extra $500 will put some nice buffer in my savings. However, once I reach that, I want to use the small amounts I’m accumulating for kicking these balances to the curb.

Got any good inspiration to share here? Like I said, I think this will be a willpower exercise for me, so bring it!

*Part of Financially Savvy Saturdays on brokeGIRLrich and Invest with Vi*

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5 thoughts on “2015 Money Goal Plan of Action #3

  1. Congrats on the first card payoff! I’m sure you’ll get those others paid off quickly too and it’s such a relief to just get it done!

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