FIVE THINGS FRIDAY – February 6th, 2015!

It’s been so busy here in my BROKE TWENTY-SOMETHING world! I’m thankful for all the work and outside projects that I have, but it’s keeping me away from all of you! Don’t worry, I’ve still got a few thing to share with you!!




  • Sunday: TurboJam!
  • Monday: Cardio – elliptical and long walk!
  • Tuesday: No!
  • Wednesday: Still no!
  • Thursday: Too darn busy this week!


  • Did you see that cool little #FireworkPeople button over on the right sidebar? I’m glad I finally got that link posted! I really enjoy being a part of that community and hearing everyone else’s stories!
  • Got a GREAT work review for my full-time job! Looking forward to a raise being implemented soon! Also, making plans for what I might do with that extra cash-flow.
  • Also, The Last Five Years opens a week from today. I’m getting absolutely GIDDY about seeing it in theaters on Single’s Awareness Weekend!
  • Updating my iPhone. Seriously. It was so bogged down and running so slow, then I updated the OS, and all has been right in the world.
  • I’m going to totally be basic here, but I’m digging The Bachelor right now. Some of these women – just OMG, I CAN’T. I make a deal with myself, I have to be at the gym to watch it. Hence, I did A LOT of cardio on Monday!

**Thanks to Clare at Fitting It All In for hosting the linkup!**


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