If I Won the Lottery Tonight…

In case you missed it, apparently there is a HUGE Powerball jackpot on the line tonight – fifth largest in lottery history! My mother has been texting me throughout the day reminding me to get a ticket. She’s been telling me to play the lottery forever, but I usually just resist. I’m not into losing money if I can help it, but that said, every time I go into a casino, I’ve always left with more money than I came with. I’ve always been lucky, but the lottery just never seemed worth it.

So today, right after work, I bought a Powerball ticket. I bought TWO quick picks. TWO!! I’m going crazy here for $6! [Please read that last sentence as fraught with sarcasm.]

I’ve always thought it would be so amazing to win the lottery (I mean, come on!), but I have to be realistic. I spent a little time today thinking about all the things I would do if I won the lottery. It was a lot of fun to talk about some of these out loud today with my co-workers.

If I won the lottery tonight, I would:

  • Call into work tomorrow. I would have to, but I wouldn’t plan on quitting just yet. I’d stay employed for a bit.
  • Call my attorney ASAP. Why? I would have him (or an associate) go with me to claim the prize and hopefully have him claim it in my stead. If he claims it for his “anonymous client,” my personal life would hopefully be less disrupted by becoming instantly famous. My co-workers were a little surprised by this response from me, but I think it’s one of the best things one could do if they won the lottery. I don’t need every business, estranged family member, or nonprofit knocking on my door right away.
  • Talk to attorney about any and all tax liabilities and get those covered ASAP. I figure that taking the lump sum right away would be my best bet. Since I’m taking it in as a lump sum, I’m sure they would be an upfront tax hit on my part. I’d want to have that addressed and set aside as soon as possible so that i could start putting that money back to work in my life.
  • Put 75% (maybe more) of it into an untouchable savings account for at least a month. Yes, I would set most of it aside for just a minute. That would still leave me with several million dollars not set aside to use for something. I feel like it would be VERY important to not make ANY rash decisions. If I set it aside for a little while, I would be able to devise a plan on where I should spend or save it for long-term purposes.
  • Hire a CFP to help me create that plan mentioned above to make sure my money is working for me, rather than all being spent lavishly.
  • With what remains, I would pay off all of my debts. College, credit cards, medical bills, student loans, etc. – all of that would be eliminated. Obviously.
  • Hire a housekeeper, personal trainer, and personal assistant. This sounds silly, but they are all things I would like to have in my life at some point.
  • Fully fund my nephew’s 529 plan. Another obvious one! Also with a tax break! 😉
  • Set-up long-term care and housing for my grandmother. She’s one of the few people who retired with a pension, but I’m fairly certain she’ll outlive it. I would want her last years to be as amazing as possible.
  • Pay off my parents’ PLUS loans for my college and their mortgage. I feel like that’s the right thing to do.
  • Make a few large charitable donations. At the top of my list would be my alma mater, a couple of the organizations that I currently volunteer with, and maybe I’d “buy” a hospital wing. I always thought that would be cool to have my name on an important place.
  • Invest in a start-up business. I think so many people have great ideas and I’d love to help someone realize their dream!
  • Buy a loft condo. Not a house, a condo. I don’t want a yard to maintain. This is a deal breaker for me! I would also have an interior designer help me with this new place.

…then…I don’t know. I would be set for life if that happened. I don’t think I would want a very lavish life. I would be much more comfortable in a home that I owned, with all of my own furnishings, and living peacefully doing things that I would WANT to do…rather than things that I HAD to do. Money would be the best tool for that.

Anyways, that was fun. You never know, it could happen. That said, the odds of being struck by lightning or playing in the NBA are actually much higher than winning the lottery. 🙂

Let’s discuss! Did you buy a lottery ticket for tonight’s drawing? What would you do if YOU won?

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14 thoughts on “If I Won the Lottery Tonight…

  1. Oh, man, it’s fun to dream. And you’re dreaming so responsibly! We’d buy a house, quit our jobs after a bit, spend a ton of time with our kids, travel pretty much everywhere, and spend the rest of our lives writing. If it turned a profit, great. If not, it wouldn’t matter much, would it? If the jackpot was large enough, that is. :p

  2. I love this post! It never even occurred to me that you could have your attorney claim it for you and remain anonymous. That’s brilliant.

    1. Right!? You wouldn’t think of having someone else claim it for you! That’s what got me and my co-workers going the most – someone we know right now could be a lottery winner and we would never know! I don’t think every state allows it, but my goodness, I think it would be great to remain anonymous!

  3. I love this! It’s just what I would do — so practical. I’d love to never worry about money again, but I don’t want much in terms of standard of living raises; just more security for me and my family and then I’d give a lot away. Having your attorney claim it is genius! I suppose if you did win you won’t tell us here….but maybe if your blog quietly goes away we’ll know what happened 🙂

    1. Haha, I certainly tried to be practical. I think security and being able to give more to those I love would be most important to me as well. I was (sadly) not a winner this time, but maybe next time… 🙂

  4. This is a favorite game for my wife and I. We never buy a lottery ticket, but we like to dream about what we would do with all of that money. I think you hit most of our big ones except travelling. Boy, would we travel a lot! I think I would buy my son a home and set up a long term investment account that he can’t get into until he is 60.

    Your idea of using your attorney to be anonymous is brilliant. I definitely would not want to participate in their news conference or promotional activities.

  5. Man it was fun reading this…. you are definitely very wise, the idea of getting an attorney never even crossed my mind. Now I’m wondering if I should also purchase a lotto ticket (being a fellow broke 20-something). I have no idea what I would do if I won the jackpot but you are correct – DO NOT SPEND RASHLY. Ideally I wouldn’t even let my family members know how much I really have, until I’ve figured out what to wisely do with my money.

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