Updates – Life-wise & Money-wise!

Good afternoon!

I’ve been so busy to make any good updates, but it’s all for good reason! In just a couple weeks, I get my life back and I’m hoping to pick up some more writing gigs! 🙂


  • I’m working double-duty right now: I’m going 9-5 for six days of the week, then I’m running 7-11 in the evenings because I’m doing a show! It’s a very exciting time, but I’m damn near beat!
  • I’m freezing here in the Midwest! These temperatures are out to kill us.
  • I’m not religious, but I do like to take part in a Lent type of activity every year – hence, 40 Days 40 bags! I’m only at 2 bags and a large furniture piece, but I’m almost positive that I will get there.
  • Completed a week-long clean eating challenge, but did succumb to a couple of Girl Scout cookies. Whoops!


  • I think this month may be the first time, in the history of my blog at least, that I may not go over budget in my ‘dining out’ category. If things continue as they are, that’s going to be a win! I may do a happy dance in honor of that. I’ll keep you all posted!
  • I’m about 30% to my savings goal and it’s only the end of February – read more about that here!
  • Does anyone else feel like they are much more broke in February? Maybe their budgets feel a little bit tighter? Mine sure does! Maybe just because the month is short? I don’t know.
  • Finding out what my bonus this year will be so that I can apply it to my weeklong birthday vacation! Still not planning to use my credit cards! 🙂

Looking forward to giving you guys a real update soon! But until then, you can look forward to my Five Things Friday post coming up soon!


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