This has been such a busy month so far! Sorry for the delay! February was a pretty decent month in regards to my budget and goals, so here we go!

Click on the thumbnails to see the full budget photos:

Feb_Budget1      Feb_Budget2


This PearBudget spreadsheet really makes it easy to see where I’m spending money. Also of note, some individual things like rent, insurance, etc. aren’t listed here – but are all conglomerated under “regular expenses” in the second picture.

Towards the end of the month I got hit by a budget killer, but those numbers will be better reflected in my March budget update!

Here’s the breakdown for February!

Housecare: OVER -$3.65 – Again, cold weather = a slightly higher electric bill. I won’t stress over $3.65.

Groceries: UNDER $45.80 – This is huge for me! I was under last month, but this is significantly more than last month’s amount!

Dining Out: UNDER $23.09 – HALLELUJAH! This was a first in the entire history of my blog! Let us celebrate this now! <round of applause> Ok, now I already know that this won’t be repeated this month. Oh well. 

Car Gas: UNDER $90.00 – This is 100% correct. This makes it look like I never drive, but I swear that I do. I drove to work 5 days a week, but my commute is about 6 miles total per day. Wow. That’s nuts, even for me. 

Miscellaneous: OVER -$203.86 – This was a fun category this month. I added in my tax refunds to the budgeted amounts since I was planning to immediately spend the money to plan for my trip next month. I also bought a brand new mattress (in cash – not financed!) and that amount is reflected here as well.

Credit Card Payments: UNDER $50.00 – My other credit card payment happened at the top of March, so that number will be reflected there.

All in all, I’d say February was a win for me. Life got OUT OF CONTROL during the last week of the month, but I still managed to keep it together!

How was your February? Have any ‘gremlins’ attacked your goals so far?



  1. My February was just like every other month. Work, sleep, work, sleep, etc. I really should try to budget better, I have a different strategy than you.

    I use my credit card for everything I can, all month long, then pay it all of every month.

    I keep a tally of what I spend throughout the month, compare it to my statement, and have a dollar amount (itemized, though not grouped like yours) of my expenses at the end of the month.

    By paying my credit card off in full each month, I build my credit history and credit score while not accruing any interest on it.

    Also, after glancing at your spreadsheet, I would say it might be more beneficial for you to pay your entire budgeted amount, or more, on your credit card. Unless, of course, the reason you only paid $30 was because your balance was only $30?

    Keep on keeping on. I think I like this blog.

    1. I think I mentioned in the post that the rest of my CC payment happened at the top of March, so that payment should be reflected on my March spreadsheet whenever I get around to posting it! 🙂 My goal once I get the CC’s paid almost all the way off is to use them for strictly recurring purchases – internet & car insurance (aka bills that I pay monthly already) – so that they still continue to show as active, but won’t be adding anything extra to my monthly budget.

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