FIVE THINGS FRIDAY – March 20th, 2015!

I can never believe how quickly the time passes in a given month! I usually sit down to write one of my posts and think about all the things I want to write, but then I get overwhelmed with all of the stuff I’ve crammed into my week. However, this week was a little more ‘normal’ in my world, so this was a bit more exciting this week! Big plans coming up for your weekend? I’ll be doing a show and working all weekend! Happy Friday!


  • Chicken Mascarpone Marsala – So I spent A LOT of time eating out at restaurants this past week, but this entree was so worth it! Chicken breast, mushrooms, pasta, mascarpone cheese – it was like a miracle exploded in my mouth. I obviously get way too excited about food! 🙂
  • Raw Almond Butter Cups | Oh She Glows – What an easy, sweet treat to keep in your freezer!
  • Irish Soda Bread – This was the closest I got to anything Irish for St. Patty’s Day! I was up to my eyeballs at work, but this was TASTY!
  • Compete Energy Bites – These are AWESOME! These came as part of my monthly BuluBox! These are GREAT for a quick burst of energy once you get home from work and need to push through things before dinner! I’m sure they’d be great pre-workout too! Low calorie snack as well!
  • Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies from Cheryl’s – These things cause addiction, I swear! If I come into contact with anything made by Cheryl’s, I have to ration it or else I will eat every single cookie or brownie. It’s so bad, but so good!




  • I received a postcard this week. Like in the mail. FROM LISBON PORTUGAL. How cool is that!?!?! I love REAL mail and the fact that it came from Portugal is just the icing on the cake! Neat-o!
  • I’M GOING TO GET A WHOLE DAY (almost) OFF THIS WEEKEND. I won’t have anywhere to be until about 4pm on Sunday and I think that’s the most time I’ve been away from my full-time job in more weeks than I care to remember. I love my job, don’t worry, but my goodness…I just need to abandon the ship for a minute.
  • Friends, co-workers, and family giving me all their coupons to a particular store so that I can get my hands on some newer clothes for my trip next month! Never underestimate the value of a good stackable coupon! I’m so excited!
  • Oprah and Deepak’s FREE 21-Day Meditation Experience: Manifesting True Success! I just love these things!
  • Finally, this print on Etsy! Someone buy it for me!


Happy Friday AGAIN! Hope your week ends on a high note!

**Linking up with Clare at Fitting It All In for Five Things Friday!**

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