FIVE THINGS FRIDAY – April 17th, 2015!

WOOHOO! I’ve reached the weekend before my vacation and I’M DYING TO GET OUT OF HERE! AHHHH! I’m so excited to take my trip! That said, this will definitely be my last FTF post for this month! It’s been a pretty great week here, so I’m excited to share some highlights with you!




  • Monday: Cardio!
  • Tuesday: Worked WAAAY too late to get anything in!
  • Wednesday: Off!
  • Thursday: Cardio!
  • Friday: Lots of heavy lifting! Carrying heavy things up & down stairs!


  • Getting stocked up on some things for my trip! Got some new shoes, a new mobile battery charger for my cell phone, “new-to-me” clothes, and travel items. Majorly excited!
  • Looking forward to enjoying a nice birthday dinner tonight — with my free entrée coupon!
  • Getting my apartment cleaned up this weekend before I leave! It will be so nice to have a clean apartment before I leave! I’m sure that I will also appreciate that clean apartment once I return!
  • Massage appointment this week! Holla for birthday self-love!
  • Along those same lines, I’m also getting my hair and eyebrows done! That’s super exciting to me!

**Thanks to Clare for hosting the Five Things Friday link-up!**

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