FIVE THINGS FRIDAY – May 8th, 2015!

Well, here we are! It’s Friday! That means another week is almost in the books! WOW! Things are going swimmingly here! Life is busy with work, for sure! There are lots of other fun things on my horizon too, so I’m keeping myself pretty happy! Now, some 5 things!


  • SKILLET CHICKEN TORTILLA PIE – A little something festive for Cinco de Mayo since I didn’t want to do anything too wild and crazy! Really easy and I had leftovers for lunches!

  • Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 9.28.44 PM (photo credit: Yelp User) A Chicken Shawarma sandwich just like this one! I LOVE SHAWARMA flavored things and I was thrilled to see this on the menu at a restaurant that my sister and I went to!
  • Hawaiian Tofu “Steak” – Yes, tofu marinated in a Hawaiian seasoning, onion, and pineapple juice! So easy! So cheap! SO GOOD!
  • Chinese Durian Cookie (kind of like these wafers) – This was weird for me. One of my colleagues from China made these type of cookies from scratch…and they were so stinky! It was like an onion cookie! The smell was atrocious, but the taste reminded of onion and garlic in some strange creamy likeness. Look this stuff up! It’s crazy! Maybe I’ll try it again sometime.
  • Avocado Spinach Eggs – this is a go-to breakfast/lunch for me. When all else fails, scramble some eggs and add spinach! Once they are cooked, mash up some avocado on top! Winning!


  • Choose Her Every Day (or Leave Her) — What an interesting post. It’s even written by a guy! 🙂 I only say that because I don’t think that most of the guys I’ve been in a relationship with ever thought this way. I think we’ve all had moments like this in a relationship. Something for both genders to consider here.
  • the secrets to successful online dating — A great little list of tips for those of us out there testing the waters.
  • THE CHANGING NATURAL SET POINT — A really encouraging post for those of us trying to be happy at our weight. I’ve lost a lot of weight over the past year, but I still wonder if I’ve hit my ‘natural set point.’ Very encouraging post overall.
  • Why Freelancers Should #TalkPay — Stefanie’s post introduced me to this hashtag! I love that this has people talking about money, even if it is about their income, which is usually taboo.
  • ON GAINING HAPPY WEIGHT — Being happy and not letting food and diet rule your life, even if the number on the scale doesn’t totally please you. A brave post.


  • Stretching Yoga — this was so needed. I’m still feeling the effects of a super week of walking in NYC. Tight legs everywhere! My channel of choice this week has been Yoga By Candace!
  • Baseball — playing outside with my nephew! So much fun and so unexpected! We never get to do that! Basically he throws and I bunt. Then, I run laps around the car since their yard is too small for bases. Hysterical!
  • The Biggest Loser: Power Walk DVD — Always helpful when I need to get extra steps in! I also love how they encourage changing it up by adding weights!
  • Ballet Beautiful Body Blast DVD — This is actually really hard, but totally strengthens your arms and body. Even though the Swan Arms sequences will burn you up by the end, it’s AWESOME!
  • Too lazy for a fifth work out this week!


  • I’m officially on the job hunt. Particularly for something on the East Coast since the majority of my friends are there – particularly in the New England area and around the Carolinas! I’ve got my information floating around a few different places and I’m actively hunting for opportunities. The whole process just gets me jazzed up! If you have any good vibes (or know someone), send ’em my way!
  • Royal Pains Season 6 is now on Netflix! Hollllllla! I love this show! Medical enough, but also has very relatable characters.
  • The Crabtree & Evelyn lotion I got while I was in NYC. There isn’t a big C&E store near me, but there is one in Rockefeller Center! I basically HUSTLED my friends into the store while we were there to see Jimmy Fallon! Their scents are amazing: Avocado with Olive & Basil, Tarocco Orange, Citron Honey & Coriander – all are amazing! I bought quite a few things I had been wanting, but never got around to purchasing online!
  • Another goodie from my NYC Trip: The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal: A Five-Year Record – I bought this in a museum gift shop while I was on my trip and I love that I’m able to commit to one sentence each day. It’s really not overwhelming and I can easily keep up with this type of journal.
  • Another really cool souvenir from my NYC Trip! I love spices and I saw these at a stand in this random street fair I was visiting! Anyone know any good recipes using these (newer to me) spices? I’m open to trying something new!

**Thanks to Clare for hosting the Five Things Friday link-up!**


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