As you’re about to see, April was a HUGE month in my life! I went on a weeklong trip and those expenses are reflected in this budget. Most of the money for this trip was pre-saved before I left for NYC and therefore, is not reflected properly in this spreadsheet. However, this gives a good overall view of the month!

Without further ado…

Click on the thumbnails to see the full budget photos:

April_BIG April_Small

This PearBudget spreadsheet really makes it easy to see where I’m spending money. Also of note, some individual things like rent, insurance, etc. aren’t listed here – but are all conglomerated under “regular expenses” in the second picture.

Housecare: UNDER $59.02 – This was a great category this month! However, I didn’t end up paying my electric bill until the top of May, so that was not appropriately reflected in this category. I’ll still do a little happy dance for being under the budgeted amount anyways.

Groceries: UNDER $91.38 – When you see my ‘dining out’ category, you’ll see that every dollar I would have spent in the grocery store was spent dining out instead! I even went to the grocery store when I was in NYC, but still didn’t rack up a higher number here. 

Dining Out: OVER $314.99 – Well, I’m not surprised here. Dining out in NYC got pretty pricey and quickly!

Car Gas: UNDER $80 – This is insane to me! I don’t know how I’m only managing to get by on such a low amount of gas! I drive my car, I promise! I do have a daily (short) commute, but I just don’t seem to burn through the gas!

Miscellaneous: OVER $521.20 – Another place where all of my vacation spending was listed! Tickets, a few goodies to bring back, etc.

Credit Card Payments: UNDER $35 – My goal is to always hit zero here, but instead, this reflects me just making the minimum payment on both cards.

I PROMISE I will have my full vacation report posted for all of you this week! Other than that, HAPPY MONDAY! 🙂

How was your April? Hit any fun goals?


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