FRUGAL BEAUTY FIND: Garnier Clean – Shine Control Cleansing Gel

I thought I would try out something new here on the blog! I’m all about being frugal (ok, borderline cheap) as we know, but I’ve been wondering how I could share some of my frugal finds here on my blog! Why I didn’t think of this idea sooner, I have no idea. I love great beauty products and makeup and between those two things, it can be fairly easy to break your budget! That said, I’m going to start highlighting some of my favorite/recent beauty finds that won’t break your budget!

First up: Garnier Clean – Shine Control Cleansing Gel!

Frugal Beauty Finds!

I’ve got ridiculous skin. Really. I had PRISTINE skin all through childhood, puberty, and high school. However, I turned 21 and my skin said “I hate you.” Ever since then I have tried multiple kinds of face wash, but each has varying degrees of success that are short-lived. When I was about to purchase more of my last type of face wash, I came across this Garnier gel product. My skin falls somewhere between combination/oily with large pores. I also get lots of blackheads on my nose and chin. I’d heard about the benefits of charcoal, so I was hoping this might help me out!

This face wash comes in a gel form. I know, you wouldn’t think a gel would be a good face wash product, but I was totally surprised. The product is light gray in color and has a very light scent – nothing entirely feminine or masculine, just very light. The gel quickly turns to suds that you can rub right on to your face and my skin felt extremely clean immediately after use. Since it is a gel, it doesn’t have any microbeads or heaviness to it. I love that a little bit of it can also go a long way!

The tube says: “In 1 use: Skin is deeply clean and shine free. After 1 week: Skin’s clarity is visibly improved and pores are diminished.” This gel definitely does that. I wish I had thought to take a before and after pic of my nose or chin, because I really noticed a difference in those two areas. The blackhead problem on my nose has significantly decreased in the two weeks that I have been using this product!

The price is also AMAZING! I bought this at my local CVS for $5.99 – thanks to my Extra Care card! You can find it on Amazon (for a similar price) and I’m sure it’s at other mass retailers around the country.

If you’re in the market for a new face wash, I’d really recommend this one. I know each person’s skin is different, but this is helping me keep my skin in check! Also, my wallet is pleased! 🙂

**NOTE: While there may be some affiliate links in this post, I was NOT compensated by Garnier for this post. This is just a product that I really enjoyed and wanted to share with others. Thanks for your support of One More Broke Twenty-Something!**



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