Three Amazing First-Date Ideas That Are Free

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Few events in life are as nerve-racking as a first date. You want to leave a good impression so there can be a second date, but you also don’t want to come off as desperate.

Planning a first date is often a very stressful exercise, especially if you are low on funds. It doesn’t have to be, though. There are several was you can orchestrate a successful first date without having to spend a dime.

We’ve listed three amazing first-date ideas below that are free.

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A Surprise Picnic in the Park

Taking a casual stroll through the park as the sun slowly comes down can be very romantic. Throw a surprise picnic into the mix and you’ve got yourself a real winner. You’ll be able to avoid that pricey restaurant meal and show your date that you are both creative and bold.

The logistics can be a bit challenging, but we suggest finding a beautiful area that isn’t too crowded and is near the parking lot. That way you can store a couple of chairs, a small table and a cooler into the trunk. When your date thinks you are leaving the park, ask her kindly to stay put and bring out dinner.

Inside the cooler you can have your drink of choice and a pre-prepared meal best served cold like ceviche or Greek salad. If you are especially pressed for cash and really need the date to be 100 percent free, then you can always just bring along a blanket to eat on or find a public picnic table in the area. You can use a water fountain to get water for the drink and you can forage for nuts and berries.

Visit a Free Museum or Gallery

Most cities have museums or galleries that are either free or have certain free days. Museums can be ideal first date destinations because they provide an obvious conversation starter, they are casual enough that there isn’t the pressure of people staring at you, they are crowded enough you won’t have people asking questions of you and they are quiet enough you can have a discussion without yelling.

Another major plus for museums and galleries is that they typically contain a few outstanding photo opportunities. If all goes well and the first date ultimately leads to a relationship, you and your partner will always have a picture to remember your first date by. For those that are able to spend a couple bucks, buying a souvenir at the gift shop is a nice touch.

Attend a Free Street Festival

Most communities offer some sort of free street festival, block party or fair. These can be outstanding locations for a first date. They are generally a lot of fun and provide a perfect relaxed atmosphere for getting to know one another. The energy and enthusiasm of the crowds also adds a little juice in case the date starts off a bit slow.

One thing to remember about these types of events is that they are often a logistical challenge. You’ll want to make sure you’ve planned everything ahead so you don’t wind up forcing your date to walk a mile to get there, or worse yet, aren’t even able to enter.

(Photo Credit: Fede Racchi)

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