2015 Money Goals — Mid-year update!


I can’t even believe that it is July! 2015 is almost over! So much has happened in these few short months! So much has happened that I can’t even begin to share it all with you! I’ve had some great successes (some of which I am about to highlight here) and some failures, but I’m taking the good with the bad in stride. All I can do is continue to do my best to improve and remember how far I’ve come and hopefully that fuels my future endeavors! 🙂

So, let’s talk about the 2015 goals:

  1. Add $500 to my ‘slush fund’ savings account. This one was going well until I got hit with a major car repair that blew the budget.
  2. Pay off store credit card. This one was completed pretty early in the year and I haven’t used it since!
  3. Pay off CC #1. No headway here.
  4. Pay off CC #2. See the above.
  5. Pay for my spring weeklong vacation in cash (a.k.a. no credit cards allowed) DONE! Even with a setback, that trip was bought and paid for with straight cash money!
  6. Gain 10 new repeat customers in my direct sales gig. I’ve  just been running this very passively. I haven’t been seeking out any new leads or customers, but my team continues to sell, so I still see some commissions coming in.
  7. Bring Student Loan #1’s principal balance to under $1000. I’m definitely paying on it, but not at an aggressive rate.
  8. Update my retirement contribution. I completed this one *just* in time to write this post! I upped my contribution by 0.5% and it was reflected in my first July paycheck!
  9. Pay for Christmas 2015 all in cash. Pending no life snafus, I think I’m on track to make this happen.
  10. Make FIVE monetary donations throughout the year. I’ve made ONE small one. Therefore, I’m hoping to be able to give a few more times this year — even if the amount is small!

Right now, I’m at about 30% completion of all of my goals! Keeping that in mind, I decided that I really wanted to start getting more aggressive with a plan to pay things down. At the beginning of this month, I started working with a CFP®. We’ve been knocking out all the paperwork so far, but one of our next steps is creating a new spending plan for me. I’m hoping this lights a fire under me to really knock some things out.

Also, did you notice all of these posts? I’ve had time to get on a posting frenzy! Enjoy it while it lasts, friends!

How many of your 2015 goals have you accomplished at this point?

3 thoughts on “2015 Money Goals — Mid-year update!

  1. I have to revisit a lot of my 2015 goals. With baby due in December, things changed since I made the original goals in January! Our biggest goal, and the one we are making great progress on, is to have $1,000 less in expenses per month by the time baby comes. Since we have already chopped about $500 in monthly expenses, we are halfway there!

    1. Yay for December babies! 🙂 Congrats! I keep my monthly expenses (usually) under $1k. I’m looking forward to getting some more things paid off soon to make that possible more often!

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