Last Quarter Goal Update!

Last Quarter Goal Update!

How in the heck did we get to the last part of October?! I know I always go on and on about how quickly time passes, but jeez! I swear that once I graduated from college, the speed of passing time picked up 1000%.

Anyways, here are the goals I laid out for 2015:

  1. Add $500 to my ‘slush fund’ savings account. – Nope, not even close to slashing this one out. I’m blaming all of the one-off car repairs that I’ve had to have done recently.
  2. Pay off store credit card. – Done! This was an early success!
  3. Pay off CC #1. – Still paying it down.
  4. Pay off CC #2. – This one could happen if I’m extremely diligent in the next couple of months.
  5. Pay for my spring weeklong vacation in cash (a.k.a. no credit cards allowed) – Done!
  6. Gain 10 new repeat customers in my direct sales gig. – No, no success here. I’m still making a residual income form others in my downline, so at least something is happening.
  7. Bring Student Loan #1’s principal balance to under $1000. – I won’t make it there unless some windfall comes my way soon.
  8. Update my retirement contribution. – Done!
  9. Pay for Christmas 2015 all in cash. – This will happen. I’m only buying gifts for one person this year, so I’m set!
  10. Make FIVE monetary donations throughout the year. – I haven’t yet made 5, but I’ve given at least two monetary donations so far. I may have given three, but I need to check my records.

Right now, I’m on track to make HALF of my goals. I’m not terribly unpleased with this considering I didn’t add any more to my debt load, but I’m not moving terribly quickly towards any of my goals.

(Photo Credit: Unsplash)

Where are you on your 2015 goals?

Disease Called Debt

5 thoughts on “Last Quarter Goal Update!

  1. Well done on achieving some of your goals so far! I think that’s great. That’s the good thing about writing goals down like this, it does spur you on to make progress and even if you don’t achieve everything, you’ll still have achieved quite a bit by the end of the year. I’m doing about the same with my goals. Making progress but not all that quickly right now!

  2. Woo! Congrats on tracking them! That’s a major step. I’ve felt the same way this year with struggling to reach my goals – but I’ve managed most of them, even though I thought it was actually going to be impossible.

  3. Hi there! I’m visiting from Financially Savvy Saturdays:)

    My timeframe for my goal ends in June, but I want to generate an additional $500 at the minimum by June to pay down my student loans. I have high hopes that I can surpass that goal, but since that was the initial goal, I’ll stick with it!

  4. One thing I’ve decided is to set some financial goals. Big picture, we are doing ok. Small picture, there isn’t much left at the end of the month.

  5. Your website is so inspiring, including this post. I’m in so encouraged to set and accomplish my own amazing goals.

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