September AND October 2015 WRAP-UP! (WITH BUDGET PICTURES!)

Never a dull moment over here the land of the Broke Twenty-Something! I know you’ve been missing my budget wrap-ups (ha ha!), so this time…you get a double whammy of TWO WHOLE MONTHS WORTH!

This PearBudget spreadsheet really makes it easy to see where I’m spending money. Also of note, some individual things like rent, insurance, etc. aren’t listed here – but are all conglomerated under “regular expenses” in the second picture.

September 2015:




Click on the the thumbnails to see the numbers a little more closely.

Housecare: UNDER $20.93

Groceries: OVER $65.02

Dining Out: UNDER $12.73

Car Gas: UNDER $8.75

Miscellaneous: OVER $89.48

Credit Card Payments: UNDER $48.42

Overall, September was a rough month in all life areas. Going back now, I noticed that I got a major (needed & overdue) tune-up on my car, as well as a few of those lovely annual fees that show up hit in the month of September.

October 2015:






Click on the thumbnails to see the numbers more closely!

Housecare: UNDER $84.02 – Gosh, I love when they don’t do a meter read on your apartment and then double charge you the next month…grr. November’s bill will look great, I’m sure.

Groceries: UNDER $25.58 – I’ll consider this a positive. 

Dining Out: UNDER $36.54 – Also a win!

Car Gas: UNDER $19.13 – Still winning!

Miscellaneous: OVER $67.59 – I bought some much needed new pants and non-work clothes, but still over.

Credit Card Payments: UNDER $55.00

October was another month of needed car repairs, this time: new brakes & rotors! At least on the front, next step is getting enough to cover the back brakes! Hopefully November doesn’t throw me any huge surprises!

4 thoughts on “September AND October 2015 WRAP-UP! (WITH BUDGET PICTURES!)

  1. Car repairs have the ability to ruin a month budgetwise. I like your spreadsheet. I haven’t seen that format before.

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