Why I Plan to #StayInTheBlackFriday

EXHIBITIONHAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope that you’re stuffed full of tasty goodness by the time you read this!

During this time in the holiday season, we’re all inundated with email ads, flyers, and TV commercials pushing Black Friday sales. If you’re at all like me, you’re over it.

Here’s why I’m planning to #StayInTheBlackFriday:

  • I’m one of those lucky people who gets to work bright and early on the day after Thanksgiving. While hordes of people are out braving the lines for new big screen TVs, I’m going to be getting my beauty sleep. Thank goodness that I’m not working anywhere retail related, but it will be BUSY where I am. The sleep is more important than any deal.
  • I don’t really NEED anything. I’m not looking for a new TV or a fancy electronic. I COULD use either of those, for sure, but I don’t need one. Also, all of my holiday shopping is really done.
  • I prefer to wait until Cyber Monday, mostly because I’ll be paid over the weekend, but even then, I don’t think I’ll be rushing to get anything.
  • I also prefer to shop on Small Business Saturday. Most of the people I purchase gifts for would appreciate something less commercial anyways.
  • It’s not worth it to blow all of my spending money for the month on one particular day on items that won’t be adding anything substantial to my life. If there was some sort of race for student loan payoff gift cards, I would be stomping people over.

If I wasn’t working, I would be doing some combination of these things:

  • Sleeping late – probably all morning if I could!
  • Taking advantage of my parents satellite TV channels! So many options!
  • Reading a book – I have several that I’ve started!
  • Writing up a couple of posts here!
  • Playing with my nephew.
  • FaceTime-ing with friends in NYC.
  • Jamming out on the guitars at my parents house.
  • …any number of things – but most likely not shopping.

May whatever you choose to do this Thanksgiving or Black Friday be extremely fulfilling and successful!

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11 thoughts on “Why I Plan to #StayInTheBlackFriday

  1. I got to enjoy family time: board games, a walk through the woods, and enjoying leftovers with my extended family. Way better to kick back on the farm than fight with the crowds.

  2. I drove 400 miles and then loaded in a show on Black Friday… it’s a pretty safe way to not spend anything ;o) I don’t get the hype. It seems miserable to brave the crowds. I’d much rather just stay in when I can.

  3. I totally prefer to shop small business, especially since I own my own! I stay in for black friday. I’m a Pampered Chef Consultant so when people stay home to shop, it helps consultants like myself.

  4. I agree with you and you couldn’t pay me to have to endure the crowds shopping that day. I can shop online and get more done.

  5. I won’t go out shopping on Black Friday, I can not be prt of a day that has killed several retail workers over the years. I know that sounds like a I am Debbie Downer here, but the crazy part is it is a heartbreaking, senseless reality.

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