The 2015 Goal Wrap-up!

Here we are at the top of the year! That means it’s time to recap my 2015! I set some very lofty goals, I met exactly HALF of my goals – so 5 of 10! Read on for the details!

  1. Add $500 to my ‘slush fund’ savings account. – This was definitely a no. I’m nowhere close. With car repairs and other random life expenses, I wasn’t able to make this one happen.
  2. Pay off store credit card.Success! 
  3. Pay off CC #1. — Unfortunately, a no. I didn’t add any more charges to the card though! That’s positive!
  4. Pay off CC #2. — See #3.
  5. Pay for my spring weeklong vacation in cash (a.k.a. no credit cards allowed)Major Success! I’m proud of this one!
  6. Gain 10 new repeat customers in my direct sales gig. — I didn’t gain 10 new customers, but I was still receiving residuals, so not a total fail!
  7. Bring Student Loan #1’s principal balance to under $1000. — Definitely not.
  8. Update my retirement contribution.Success! Did this one in July with a slight increase!
  9. Pay for Christmas 2015 all in cash.Success! I definitely accomplished this!
  10. Make FIVE monetary donations throughout the year.Success! I did this in a few small ways that I’m excited to share. Even though the amounts were all small, they were for causes that mean something to me. I donated to the following:
    • Brackets for Good campaign
    • GoFundMe account for a colleague moving cross country for graduate school
    • GoFundMe account for a talented friend from college struggling with Lyme Disease
    • The Pantene Great Lengths Beautiful Lengths campaign
    • A museum fund for underserved kids
    • …not to mention all of the donations of goods (toys, clothes, books, etc.) throughout the year!

So, financially speaking, I am not where I hoped I’d be. I’m not better, per se, but I’m really not worse. 2015 really just landed in an overall neutral spot – nothing of major importance in any aspect of my life really changed dramatically, so I think that’s reflected here as well. I know things can only go up from here!

Happy 2016! My updated 2016 goals will be live very soon! Stay tuned.

*Part of Financially Savvy Saturdays on brokeGIRLrich, Disease Called Debt and Dream Beyond Debt*


6 thoughts on “The 2015 Goal Wrap-up!

  1. Some years do seem to wind up very neutral – but that’s definitely better than it being a negative year! Good luck with 2016’s goals!

  2. Have you made progress on your debt? I understand wanting to pay it off, but progress is progress, and if the principal is lower, the interest will be lower next year, allowing more progress on the principal.

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