FIVE THINGS FRIDAY – March 4, 2016!

Whew, March! I’m so glad to see you! For some reason, I’m always in the dullest moods and in the most unproductive state during the months of January and February. It’s literally like once the calendar page turns to March, I’m a new woman. Same with daylight savings time, that clock springs forward and I’m so much happier. I don’t think I’m alone in this either, but damn, I’m glad to be on the upswing!

No further ado, let’s talk about FIVE THINGS FRIDAY!


  • Well Fed Chocolate Chili – This is from the Well Fed cookbook and I’ve loved EVERYTHING I’ve ever made from it! Everything is delicious and can be portioned out for extra meals! Plus, chocolate in chili!?!? Yes, please!
  • Well Fed Mashed Cauliflower – See the above!
  • Well Fed Waldorf Tuna Salad – I’m telling you to get this cookbook if you haven’t already.
  • Thin Mint Protein Smoothie by Dr. Axe – Super great for my afternoon pick me up after dancing all afternoon!
  • Snap Pea Crisps – Have you tried these? Super tasty afternoon snack or to go with your sandwich at lunch! Found these through Instacart and haven’t looked back!


  • Haha, I haven’t maintained my typical workout schedule since I’m dancing for at least a couple of hours each day at work. Dancing for that long and then going to workout does not seem exciting to me!



  • Going to a concert this weekend and I’m so stoked! I’ve been celebrating it on my personal Facebook page everyday! It’s borderline ridiculous. It’s not often that one of your favorite Broadway stars comes to your Midwest town. I’m just sayin’.
  • Getting ready to open a brand new show next week! It’s a big one with almost 80 performances and I don’t have an understudy! Oh yeah! It’s going to be fabulous!
  • Doing some planning for vacation! Heading back to NYC for what seems to be my annual trip! 🙂 Show tickets, museum trips, friends to see – all the awesomeness! (You can read about my whiz-bang trip from last year here.)
  • These two TV shows: Mercy Street and American Crime. Mercy Street was an excellent six episode mini-series! All about two volunteer nurses during the Civil War. If you like history, drama, AND have an Amazon Prime membership, you can watch the series for free! You can also buy the episodes if not. American Crime is a little more intense. Think about a crime drama where you get all the details about the effects of a crime, rather than a mystery solving who-done-it. Heart-pumping & real, the show is great entertainment. The acting is also top of the line.
  • Looking up wall tapestries on Etsy! There are so many that I want to buy and attach to my wall! So many pretty options!

Happy Friday, ya’ll! Hope it is leading to an exciting weekend! I know my weekend will be exciting!

What’s up for you this weekend?

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