FIVE THINGS FRIDAY – March 18, 2016!

What?! Friday? Ok, whatever, I’m on this. Have you been out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? I wish I could be, but alas, there’s work to be done! Time to enjoy some FIVE THINGS FRIDAY!




  • Haha, I’m dancing plenty right now. I’m hoping to get back to my workout schedule soon.



  • My first Thrive Market haul! I got some seriously great deals on some pantry staples! That coconut oil was completely free, as was the salad dressing! I also killed those banana bites on the far left in two sittings – super tasty! Can’t wait to see what other goodies I will be getting from them in the future!ThrivePic
  • Doing lots of prep for my trip next month! So many shows, so many friends, and all the darn food I can get in the big city! (Read about last year’s birthday trip here!)
  • Lots of new shows happening all around me in my community! Love them even more when I’m getting a discount or free tickets for tweeting and Facebook-ing about the shows!
  • THE WEATHER HERE FINALLY BROKE 70 DEGREES! And it’s been repeating a few different days and I love it!
  • Um, seeing this guy in concert two weeks agototally blew my mind and I’m still reeling from it! Broadgrass – mixing some of my favorite Broadway jams with some acoustic love. I still think it’s so awesome that he came close to my neck of the woods! GAH! It gave me LIFE!

In the comments, tell me what is exciting to you on this Friday! Celebrating? Anything fun happening?



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