April 2016 Budget Wrap-Up!

Oh man! April was a doozy of a month, that’s for sure! My nine day vacation, shows wrapping up, shows and gigs starting back up…you name it, it all happened! Life-wise, it was a really great month. Budget-wise, the numbers look atrocious. However, you’ll be pleased to know that I only used SAVED money for this trip that’s reflected in this month’s budget snapshot! I’m a firm believer in the “No-Credit-Card-Vacation” and that was successful this month, so I’ve already knocked off a 2016 goal!

If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time now, you’ll recognize this handy-dandy budget spreadsheet that I love to use – PearBudget! This spreadsheet really makes it easy to see where I’m spending money. Also of note, some individual things like rent, insurance, etc. aren’t listed here – but are all conglomerated under “regular expenses” in the second picture.

AprilBudget1  AprilBudget2

Housecare (Utilities, Internet, Netflix/Hulu, etc): OVER $4.61 – Well, this was fairly close, but not quite there.

Groceries: OVER $106.93 – My first CSA payment came out of this month’s grocery budget, so naturally, the budget overage is way too high.

Dining Out: OVER $521.55 I knew this was going to happen, but this definitely reflects vacation food spending.

Car Gas: OVER $39.27 This reflects vacation spending as well. I added my transit passes to this category.

Miscellaneous: OVER $336.60 – Again, vacation spending here.

Credit Card Payments: UNDER $55.00 Payments were made on the actual May due date.

Businesses: UNDER $9.88 – Just a couple of lessons and random fees popped up this month – still under budget!

Even though these numbers are atrocious, I’m super pumped that this was all in cash! No debt added to my credit cards. Take that! 🙂

How was your April? Anything exciting or surprising come your way?



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