About Me!

Hi there, Internet!


I’m just “One More Broke Twenty-Something!” Yes, I have a real name, but it’s not necessary. I’m a born, bred, and educated Midwestern (late) twenty-something. I attended a private out-of-state university and graduated a little under $23,000 in the hole. I’ve spent most of my post-grad years underemployed, but in the past two years I’ve finally got a little closer to college graduate wages.

I live a pretty simple life – no spouse, no kids, and no owned property (a mortgage!) tying me down. Most of my debt stems from me buying things I don’t really need with money that’s borrowed (surprised, right?). However, most of it has just been lingering since I was in college. I’m looking forward to getting rid of anything that’s still hanging over my head from 5 years ago!

Join me as I take on this challenge of becoming debt-free, clutter-free, to find more peace of mind and let’s see what happens along the way.