Hire Me!

I am available for various writing and online tasks! Let’s work together! Contact me via the form below or by email at broketwentysomething@writeme.com to get things started!

Virtual Assistance: If you hire me to be your virtual assistant, YOU will benefit from my top-notch organizational and communicative skills. I’m excellent when it comes to conducting research, answering emails, following up leads, and other necessary online tasks for blogs and businesses. Send me a message to discuss what you’re looking for and how I can help!

Staff Writing/Ghost Writing: I love writing and I can write about almost anything. I’m available to write just one article or several – whatever fits your needs! I obviously run a personal finance blog, but I’m very passionate about many topics. I have prepared articles and blog posts about the following: gift giving, musical theatre, pop culture, television, dating, reviews of movies & theatre, politics, volunteerism – the list goes on! I even write scripts! I can send you links to my other online writing if you wish to see them. I don’t post them for reasons of anonymity here. Please contact me below!

Advertising/Sponsored Posts/Product Reviews: I would definitely be interested in sharing a product I’ve enjoyed with my readers. I’m currently growing this section of my blog, but I would love to feature products if the opportunity arises. If you have a product or service (or something else) you’d like me to review, please contact me below. I may also be interested in sponsored posts on an individual basis, so please contact me!

Voiceover Work: I’m a professional actor by trade and I’ve got a mini-studio to do recordings. Please reach out to me via the form below to get a voice sample!

Media Kit: You can download that here!

If you are interested in learning more about me or my services, please message me via the form below! You can also reach me via email at broketwentysomething@writeme.com. Other services, other than those listed above, may also be available.