November AND December 2015 BUDGET WRAP-UP — and some year-end analysis!

Here’s hoping your first week of 2016 has been treating you well! I thought it might be time for me to post the last totals of 2015! Here are the breakdowns for November and December, as well as a picture showing numbers from the whole year! It’s actually kind of cool to see all the numbers for each month of 2015…even though I over spent for the whole year. Such is life!

This PearBudget spreadsheet really makes it easy to see where I’m spending money. Also of note, some individual things like rent, insurance, etc. aren’t listed here – but are all conglomerated under “regular expenses” in the second picture. Click the thumbnails to see the details up close!

NOVEMBER 2015 Results:

November15_1  November15_2

Housecare: UNDER $9.02

Groceries: UNDER $2.58

Dining Out: UNDER $14.94

Car Gas: UNDER $13.60

Miscellaneous: UNDER $50.85

Credit Card Payments: UNDER $60.00

You might say that the month was great because I was under budget on all categories in November. However, with my ‘miscellaneous’ and ‘credit card’ categories, I was just scraping by with the minimums. Nothing too major to report happened in November.

DECEMBER 2015 Results:

December15_1 December15_2

Housecare: UNDER $19.04 – Thankful for this mild winter we’ve been having! 😉

Groceries: UNDER $12.56

Dining Out: OVER -$22.38 – I’m honestly surprised this wasn’t more because of the holidays. So I’m impressed. 

Car Gas: OVER -$3.65 – I’ll give this one to the holidays. 

Miscellaneous: OVER -$49.29

Credit Card Payments: UNDER $42.00 – Unfortunately, this was another month of just scraping the minimums. Hopefully this was the end of that scraping.

Speaking of holidays and such, I spent less than $150 on gifts for over 15 people. I must’ve been really creative and didn’t even realize it! Sweet!

YEAR-END Results:

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 3.29.11 PM

This is actually something really cool that happens on PearBudget – as you go through the year you can track your income and expenses and then see an ‘Analysis’ tab at the end and that’s where this image comes from. You can click on it to go a little bit closer to see each month. I find it astonishing that I managed to spend $931.81 more than I actually made, so I’m curious where that materialized from.

Looking forward to sharing my 2016 goals with you all very soon! I’m going to do things a little bit differently this time!


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