“We have everything to share, nothing to prove…”

-We have everything to share, nothing to prove...-

“We have everything to share, nothing to prove…”

This quote. That quote always speaks to me. I wish I knew where it came from, but I’ve heard it all over the place so many times so I can’t really say where it originated. It’s a favorite of mine. A lot of people who do yoga, meditation, dance, or theatre have heard it many times. It’s one of those quotes that we share before we perform or take a class. It’s one of those “safe” phrases or just a reminder that no matter what, we are sharing our gifts with the world and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

  • It reminds us to be brave; performing or even speaking in front of others can still be difficult – even to the most seasoned veterans.
  • It reminds us to do our best – our personal best, for ourselves. And then share that with others who choose to see it.
  • It gives us permission to share our work an talents, but also to be ok with our process in the skills we’re sharing.
  • It gives us courage to embrace who we are and what we are presenting without worrying about pleasing everyone. Because, in the end, you just can’t please everyone. It’s just not possible.
  • It humbles us and gives us a chance to appreciate our talents and abilities. In the end, there will always be someone who is prettier, or more talented, or more whatever than we are. And that’s ok, because we don’t have to compare ourselves. We’re just taking this time together to share whatever play or song that we’ve been working on. Nothing else.

When you have everything to share and nothing to prove, you’ll realize that your standards are the only ones that matter – no one else’s do.

So, go out and have a great weekend!


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