A Budget Update!


Well, it’s been way overdue, but I’ve finally decided to redo my budget. The PearBudget spreadsheet that I have been using was no longer serving my budgeting needs. Since I quit my job a little ways back, it’s time to make a new one to reflect what I’m making now.

There’s a million reasons to adjust your budget, but I think a ginormous change in income definitely warrants a new direction. I’m not having any babies or anything, but I know it’s worth re-evaluating. For me, it’s been about TWO YEARS since I’ve reconsidered my budget. The numbers have even stayed pretty similar across the board, but life has warranted some changes, so here we go!

The old form was basically way too complicated for my much simpler financial picture at this time. Plus, I was just tired of entering a line for every single day of the month – now, it’s just categories. Since things have changed, I’m taking it WAYYY back. We’re going old school, down to my simplest “zero budget” spreadsheet.

Look below to see just how simple I’m planning to keep it. You’ll notice that it’s no longer a day by day breakdown. I’m still tracking my daily spending so that I can add it to these appropriate categories in bulk. I usually sit down and look at my bills and numbers about once a week, sometimes more. Hopefully, my simpler budget breakdown won’t take nearly as long to maintain.


Next time you see this, you’ll see it with September’s numbers filled in! Hope your fall is off to a great start! Got some reviews to finally post next week! Yes, I know you’re thrilled!

How often do you re-evaluate your budget? What would you add to mine above?


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